General Flight Details

We fly from the following locations:
We offer balloon rides through out South Africa

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Our booking are usually handled by means of email or telephone communication.
Feel free to email us at any time or call during business hours and we will answer any questions you may have.

Your Itinerary

A typical flight:

Meeting time and balloon launch time is linked to sunrise time which changes with the season.
  • Meet at the designated spot; the crew transports you to the launch site
  • Enjoy a hot drink whilst photographing the final prep and hot inflation of the balloon
  • All aboard! Pilot/passenger briefing
  • AIRBORNE! Fly for about 1 hour
  • It is warmer up in the air!
  • The balloon lands; everyone exits the balloon
  • Guests enjoy a celebratory glass of champagne and take more pics whilst the crew deflate and pack the balloon
  • Everyone boards the Land Rover for the return trip to the launch site / lodge
  • Breakfast time!
  • A certificate is awarded to each guest during breakfast (if included)
Please note that we are willing to help you plan and organise a special occasion or celebration around a balloon ride.